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Ever feel like viewing posts from only a few people you follow? Us too.


View only posts you want to see on your dashboard. Quickly create lists and view posts from only those blogs.


Share your list with your friends and followers! Follow other people's lists and discover great new blogs and communities on tumblr.


Seamlessly integrated into the Tumblr dashboard. Do everything without having to leave your dashboard!

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We help you organize your tumblr dashboard.

If you are a regular Tumblr user and follow a lot of blogs, you know how it feels to get overwhelmed by a lot of posts from a lot of people. Sometimes you don’t want to see everything, just a few things. Maybe posts from your friends or maybe posts about a specific topic, uou could browse tags to do that but that won’t be personalized. We here at Listr have managed to make a solution that exists in almost all other popular social networks; lists. Tumblr only lacks one functionality, and that’s user lists. Listr adds that function to Tumblr and is fully integrated. You won’t even know it’s an extension doing it.


Listr for Chrome under beta. Firefox and Opera support to be added soon.